Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Tears of Paliwal Park", Agra

Everyone knows Agra is famous for Taj Mahal and several people comes to see it from different places and countries. Not only Taj Mahal there are several places to see in the city- Sikandara, Red Fort and lots of temples etc. But one place is also beautiful in the heart of the city. This park is closed to Agra University. The peculiarity of this park is a beautiful lake inside it, where the people comes for boating and enjoyment. Beautiful trees, green grass and many other objects of this park attract the public mostly but presently this park shed tears for this ruin.
From the last one year there is no any cleanness process in the lake of Paliwal park. Due to this cause lake is very dirty and gives a very foul smell. Perhaps this, there is no sufficient boats used for boating. Some boats want's proper repairing, only two or three boats are in working. No one want to go for boating. After evening the park is fully dark because there is no any light facility. Due to this Paliwal Park shed tears constantly. Why administration is not take any action? Why the lake is not get purified? Why the park get to be unseen? Several questions are arisen.

Why They Are Playing With Education

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra(formerly Agra University) play with their student's career ever and forever. In past it is well known University all over India but today it lies in news papers and channels only for bad news. Today in this university there is no any education facilities like practical lab, computer lab, mass communication lab, engineering lab(biotechnology lab) etc. Not only this there is no any time schedule for the academic session or their examinations. Also university's post graduation and professional degree programs have no practical knowledge. They don't give practical as well as proper theoretical knowledge to their students.
Now this week university comes in focus, such a new one story. Case is that student want's their marksheets and they give a simple and quiet peacefully answer that they have no any records of the marks, then how can they give a marksheets. Due to this students lost their year and can't to be take admissions in other institute for further studies and also who are in jobs they lost their jobs only for their marksheets. So, Agra university simply play with student's career again and again. There is no any action taking by the Vice Chancellor and Registrar.